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Wall Sconces
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Victorian Sconce With Rectangular Back
Model: A 1510-Rec
Arm Sconce Clover Back
Model: A 1511
Victorian Sconce
Model: A 1510
Double Arm Victorian Sconce
Model: A 1512
Victorian Sconce w/small Holland Top
Model: A 1510-Hol
Spiral Sconce
Model: A 1514
Scroll Arm Sconce
Model: A 1530
Broadway Sconce
Model: A 1835
Vienna Sconce
Model: A 1640-Rnd
Small Holland Sconce Round Back
Model: A 1525
Double Viena Sconce w/small Holland top
Model: A 1517
Small Holland Sconce Clover Back
Model: a 1643
Double Viena Sconce
Model: A 1645
Small Holland Sconce Scroll Back
Model: A 1641
Vienna Sconce With Scroll Back
Model: A 1642
Art Deco Wall Sconce
Model: A 1552
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